Case Study: the Firs Short Breaks Residential Centre in Harrow benefit from a new sensory wet room

The Project Brief

Our teams at Kingkraft and Sensorykraft were asked to contribute our specialist expertise to transform the pre-existing bathroom into a purpose designed sensory wet room.  The project brief set by the Firs Short Breaks Residential Centre Registered Manager, Eithne Staunton, was based on the needs of the children and young people who access the service, and consisted of the following:

  • Complete upgrade of the downstairs wash facilitates in order to achieve a safe and user-friendly bathroom area which also allows easy access for wheelchair users
  • Use of a level access shower and shower/changing platform
  • Use of a suitable wash basin which can be easily accessed and used by both mobile and wheelchair users
  • Room cover hoist system to aid staff in helping make patient transfers easy and safe
  • To include a sensory element which adds a dynamic sensory experience to bathing/ changing (such as sensory lighting)



The Solution

The team at Kingkraft and Sensorykraft proposed the following:

  • Installation of Kingkraft Easibath which has been expertly designed to address problems commonly associated with high dependancy bathing. The Easibath is an innovative and multi-purpose piece of equipment which also serves as a showering platform and changing bench. The Easibath is height-adjustable helping to avoid back strain for carers and also has a load-bearing drop-side to give easy access for more able users, and for carers needing to change and dress the user. The Easibath is also hoist-friendly and works well with the Guldmann GHZ hoist system.  
  • Installation of 2 shower heads which allow mobile users to shower standing in the shower cubicle, and those requiring assistance (e.g. wheelchair users) to use the shower head on the Easibath- both providing safe wash facilities
  • Ropox Swing Wash Basin is highly adaptable- it is height- adjustable and can be moved in a swing motion from side to side- this provides easy access for users of all abilities and needs.  The basin promotes dignity by moving the basin within reach of the user, particularly if using a wheelchair or whilst on a toilet, and encourages independent washing where possible. Carers can move the basin away to create space for safer transfer methods.
  • Installation of a specialist Guldmann GHZ room cover hoist system which offers a compact and smart-looking finish to compliment a modern sensory wet room.  This hoist system is the perfect solution for using space efficiently. It also has higher lifting capabilities compared to traditional models, which makes it ideal for users of all heights. A user-friendly design allows easy and safe patient transfers throughout the entire space which also meets manual handling requirements of carers. 
  • Attractive tiling and wet-room floor used throughout
  • An ambient LED lighting system mounted on the Guldmann ceiling tracks to provide a calming and relaxing sensory experience for the user. The lighting system is controlled by a user-friendly wall-mounted light switch which allows the carer to have full control over the room colour and intensity; allowing a personable and adaptable experience for each user.

The Original Bathroom before the project began

The Finished Project

The Firs Kingkraft Sensorykraft sensory bathroom

 The Firs Sensorykraft Kingkraft sensory bathroom Guldmann GHZ hoist

The Firs Sensorykraft Kingkraft sensory bathroom Ropox Swing Basin

The Verdict 

Registered Manager, Eithne Staunton commented:

"The team at Kingkraft and Sensorykraft came up with the design of the room and the equipment to be used, which was beyond helpful and evident with the wonderful end product we now have."

The Firs Sensorykraft Kingkraft Jan & Eithne

Eithne further commented about contact made during the Sales and Installation process:

"Excellent communication throughout with the sales team (Dale mainly) and the installation team on site. Their tireless work made this project successful and I’m delighted to say it was more or less completed on time."    

Eithne went on to discuss the Firs relationship with Kingkraft/ Sensorykraft:

"We have used Kingkraft for the 17 years I have managed the Firs as they provided our previous special bath. It was because of their expert knowledge in the field and their excellent customer service and support over the years, as well as cost-effectiveness, which is why we chose them to do this project for us. We are pleased that the company have now made a positive move and expanded their sensory environment portfolio as offered by Sensorykraft."  

Watch our video to take a look at The Firs new sensory wet room:

The Firs Short Breaks Residential Centre recently celebrated the official opening of their new sensory bathroom with special guest Councillor Kareema Marika (Harrow Mayor for the municipal year 2018/19) pictured below.

   Sensorykraft The Firs Sensory Bathroom

The Firs Respite Centre Sensorykraft Kingkraft sensory bathroom opening

Further information about the Firs Short Breaks Residential Centre 

The Firs (part of Harrow Council) is a long-standing and reputable short breaks residential centre available to all families in Harrow where there is a child/young person (aged between 5 and 18) who has a learning disability and/ or other complex needs. 

All children/young people who attend the Firs have an assessment of need completed by a social worker from Harrow Children Young Adults Disability Service. It is important that the needs of the individuals being considered for the Firs are clearly identified so that an informed decision can be made as to the suitability of the resource.

As a 4 bed centre, the Firs can provide a service to complement the Harrow academic calendar...

During school term up to 4 children can stay overnight at any one time (although the actual number will be dependent on the individual support needs of the individuals). The Harrow transport department are available to help with travel between school and the Firs Service.

During school half term break (February, Easter, May, October, Christmas) the usual overnight service stops, so that a 5 day care service can be provided during one week half terms.

During school summer holidays the Firs run an overnight block booking service. This is for the children/young people that have been using the overnight service for over a year and have been assessed as able to manage a block booking period. During these weeks the children/young people go out on day trips and do activities at The Firs, as this time is looked upon as a holiday period for them enjoy.

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