Because We Care

Manufacturer of Specialist Bathroom Disability Products

At Kingkraft, we are proud of the enviable reputation we have built for our high quality products. We have been manufacturing specialist equipment for people with disabilities since 1984, and have a great deal of experience and knowledge when it comes to bathroom design, having designed thousands of different layouts over the years.

We employ healthcare professionals who work with our customers to help understand and overcome the difficulties that can be faced by users, carers and their families when choosing major equipment. Together with our skilled nationwide engineers we can provide you with the perfect solution to your showering and bathroom needs.

We Plan

We understand that you not only want something that looks good, but a place that is both safe and practical, working with all your needs, now and in the future.

Our consultation and full advisory service is provided free of charge and with no obligation. We'll take time to discuss your required bathroom products including Height Adjustable Baths, Changers, Basins and Hoisting requirements and help plan this with you.

Our experts will help determine the best products to meet your specific needs and recommend any suitable accessories to complete the solution. We'll even create detailed CAD drawings to map out how this solution will fit into your home. You'll also have the opportunity to select your preferred material and finish for certain products.

We see our planning process as a real benefit with many of our clients taking advantage of this. But at Kingkraft we don't stop there, we also manufacture many of the products we supply too.

We Manufacture

We've been manufacturing products since 1984, all within our warehouse in Sheffield. By designing and maufacturing our own Baths, Changers and Basins we get the chance to be involved in the whole process. Our experience of working with our clients means we have first hand knowledge of the types of products they want. We also know what they need to help make life easier.

We plan out our products in finite detail, involving our customers wherever possible in this process. We'll then take these designs and create prototypes that get tested at each stage of the manufacturing operation. Only after a comprehensive testing programme do they get produced as final items.

We keep designing and developing new products and solutions to meet the ever changing needs to our customers and strive to offer the very best in bathroom solutions for those with assisted needs.

We also offer a complete installation process to ensure they are fitted to the highest standard.

We Install

We will appoint an experienced, friendly engineer who is fully trained in the installation of our products as well as health and safety in the work place. He will be supervised by your Contract Manager and supported by other key members of our team.

Installation begins with a full site survey to determine the exact requirements of your particular project. Our pre-installation guide gives all the necessary information regarding the preparation of a site, to ensure it is correctly prepared for the product.

Our engineer will visit your facility and assess everything needed for the physical install before planning a convenient date and time with the relevant parties to complete the works.

Kingkraft will ensure everything is fitted to our exacting standards. And once your new bathroom is in place, we are available for ongoing help, support and maintenance.

Installation processes aren't covered within the scope of ISO 9001.

We Maintain

Kingkraft provide comprehensive technical support throughout the specification, delivery process and beyond to make your job that bit easier.

Following the installation of Kingkraft products, our trained engineers will visit the site to ensure that the products have been installed correctly and that they are safe to use. The items will be checked, and a commissioning certificate will be provided.

We are then on hand to provide any support and guidance in using our products. We can also offer a maintenance programme to keep the items in tip-top condition.