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Assist Range of Basins

The Assist Range features 5 innovative height adjustable basins. All basins featured include a wireless remote control to move the basin top unit moves up and down. This ensures that the product is perfectly adjusted to the correct height for each individual user. An ideal solution within a setting where it may be used by multiple users.

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Glide Range of Basins

The Glide Range features 3 innovative fixed-height pull out basins. An ideal solution for users who can benefit from being positioned as close as possible to the basin. The Basin range design may be particularly ideal for a wheelchair user

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Expertly Designed To Help You

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Height Adjustable Wash Basin | Range of Modern Height Adjustable Bathroom Sinks

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Assist Basin Range

Introducing our new range of Assist Height Adjustable Basins.
If you are looking for complete assisted user control then take a look at the 5 brand new wash basins. Loaded with useful features and benefits, the Assist Range of Wash Basins provides a solution to suit, If we don't have the basin to suit your design requirements then take advantage of our Assist Artisan design service.

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Glide Basin Range

Introducing our new range of fixed height manual glide basins.
If you want a washing solution which is specifically installed to meet an individual user’s requirements then look no further. It can be installed at the preferred operating height of the user so that it is always ready and accessible for use every time it is needed.  

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