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  • Please complete the below information so we are aware of who will fund service/repair costs if your item is not in warranty.

    As standard your Kingkraft product comes with one year warranty-this does not include servicing.

    Five year warranties are available on new products (terms and conditions apply-please contact Kingkraft for further advice).

    Kingkraft will send a reminder letter to the product address when a service or LOLER test is due, we recommend an annual service (hoists and Multibath SE require 6 month LOLER test).

    If you wish to proceed with the service/ quotation, please let us know in writing.

    Kingkraft will not pass your information on to any third party unless required to do so by law or it is essential for the implementation of a service contract or warranty callout.

    Kingkraft will always try to contact you in the unlikely event that is a safety issue is identified with your equipment.

  • If you are funding privately

    Please note, by checking the 'As above' box you are agreeing to pay for any on going service/repairs charges from Kingkraft. Note: this form is for our records and we still require confirmation from you that you would like to proceed with servicing and maintenance

  • If you are a separate organisation paying

    Please note, Kingkraft can not proceed without official authorisation from whoever is responsible for paying on going costs and the following must be completed by the appropriate person at the organisation. Skip this section if you checked the 'As above' box and go to 'Feedback'.

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