Changing Places Projects
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Supporting Contractors with Changing Places Projects

Key Considerations for Contractors

Below we have provided 6 important points that we strongly advise that you consider during the planning stages of your Changing Places project.

Pre-installation Guides to Aid Building Preparation

It is important to utilise our pre-installation documentation to ensure all building preparations, including identifying the correct locations of additional structural supports, to safely install your Changing Places equipment. There are usually several options for how to install and fix Changing Places equipment. Structural support may vary from project to project-.

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Advice On Wall & Ceiling Mounting Equipment

It is important to ensure that your Changing Places equipment is installed correctly to ensure it is safe for users. There are usually several options for how to install the equipment, including wall, ceiling and floor mounting. Kingkraft can help you to ensure you make safe decisions regarding the fitting of equipment for your project.

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Planning The First Fix

Planning ahead is absolutely key when managing the project build of a Changing Place.

The 'First Fix' refers to all structural work which must be done correctly prior to the installation of any internal surfaces and equipment. For example, Changing Place products such as Changing Tables and Hoists will determine the wall/ceiling strengthening required during the first fix phase. This stage also includes installation of plumbing and heating, as well as the wiring of the electrics. It is vital that power and water access are located in the correct place for your Changing Place equipment.

Kingkraft can support and advise you about what you need to consider for successful completion of First Fix for your project.

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Project Lead Time Factors & Considerations

Time and project management is a crucial part of any project, especially a Changing Place installation. Planning and communication will be key to ensure your project runs smoothly.

As soon as you place an order with Kingkraft, we will be able to provide an estimated installation date to work towards. Both First and Second Fix phases must be complete prior to Kingkraft being able to carry out installation of Changing Place equipment.

Throughout your project, Kingkraft will keep you updated on time-scales for supply, manufacture and installation dates. Time scales can vary between products therefore it is important you factor this in at the planning stages, Kingkraft can support you from start through to project completion.

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Design & Layout Advice

Kingkraft provide a free consultation service which includes personalised advice specific for your Changing Places project- this includes advise on product placement and room layout designs,

Once we have discussed your project with you, you will receive an initial set of floor plans and 3D mock-up visuals for your proposed Changing Places project. These will be drawn to scale and illustrate our layout and product recommendation to help you achieve your bespoke changing place objectives.

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Supply & Fit Quotations

Kingkraft provide a free consultation service which includes a detailed project quote. The quote will be tailored to your individual Changing Places Project, and include all the product recommendations that have been made specifically to best suit your project.

All quotes will feature all 20 key pieces of equipment required to be Changing Place compliant. The quote will be itemised and all products will state colour options. Pricing will include fitting.

Kingkraft will be able to advise you on other project details to consider- including electrics and plumbing.

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are you and your team up to date with Changing Place regulations?

2021 Building Regulations


Specification & Floor Plan Layout

Floor Plan & 20 Key Pieces of equipment

Kingkraft, Experts in Changing Places Toilet Facilities Installations

Kingkraft have installed an array of fantastic Changing Places Toilet Facilities in a variety of settings. If you are looking for a Changing Places installer just get in touch for more information.

Our installation team is fully trained in the recommendation and installation of XY ceiling hoists, changing benches, height adjustable basins and toileting solutions.

What can I expect when I appoint Kingkraft to install my Changing Places Toilet Facility?

As a minimum we will appoint two experienced and friendly engineers. Our engineers are fully trained in the installation or fitting Kingkraft manufacturered or supplied products as well as health and safety in the work place. Your installation team will be supervised have regular contact with your Contract Manager and be supported by other key members of our team.

Changing Places Installation begins with a full site survey to determine the exact requirements of your particular project. Our pre-installation guide gives all the necessary information regarding the preparation of a site, to ensure it is correctly prepared for the product.

Our installation team will visit your facility and assess everything needed for the physical install before planning a convenient date and time with the relevant parties to complete the works.

Use Kingkraft to install your new Changing Places Toilet Facility. Our experts will ensure everything is fitted to our exacting standards and Changing Places Specification. And once your new Changing Places Toilet facility is in place, we are available for ongoing help, support and maintenance.

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