2021 Building Regulations For Changing Places Facilities Have Been Updated

Changes to Building Rules in England

Kingkraft Changing Places Building Rules 2021
Are you aware of the latest changes to building regulations incorporating Changing Places? It is now compulsory that all new public buildings have at least one Changing Places toilet in the following categories:
1. Assembly, recreation and entertainment buildings if newly built or undergoing major refurbishment, with a capacity for 350 or more people; or a collection of smaller buildings associated with a site used for assembly, recreation or entertainment, such as zoos, theme parks and venues for sport and exhibitions, with a capacity of 2000 people or more
2. Shopping centres and retail parks with a gross floor area of 30,000m2 or more
3. Retail premises with a gross floor area of 2500m2 or more
4. Sport and leisure buildings with a gross floor area more than 5000m2
5. Hospitals, Medical Centres & GP Surgeries
6. Crematoria and cemetery buildings
Places of assembly, recreation and entertainment can be defined as buildings such as:
  • Art Galleries;
  • Cinemas & Theatres;
  • Concert Halls;
  • Hotels, Conference & Exhibition Centres;
  • Farming Attractions;
  • Further Education Colleges;
  • Libraries;
  • Motorway Service Areas;
  • Museums;
  • Pubs, Bars & Restaurants;
  • Places of Worship;
  • Theme & Zoological Parks;
  • University Buildings

...or any other building(s) or site(s) as defined by these thresholds, which are open to the public and used for the purpose of assembly, recreation or entertainment. Find more information at www.gov.uk


Planning Your Changing Places Project

There are some very important things to consider before planning your Changing Places Project.

Changing Places Map

Your goal is to have your facility approved and registered on the Changing Places Map so that it can attract families from the disabled community. However, you will only be able to successfully register your facility as a Changing Place if you can prove that you have met the standards and criteria set out by the Changing Places Consortium....But don’t worry, Kingkraft can help you to achieve this.

A Changing Places project must adhere to the British Standard BS8300:2018 for the design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of Disabled People. The standard provides guidance on good practice for the design of new buildings and their considerations to fulfill the requirements of disabled people.
Your Changing Places facility must be ‘open to the public’ in order to be registered on-line. Different venues offer and advertise their opening times accordingly.

Changing Places facilities should be provided in addition to any standard Disabled Toilets facilities already in place.

Once successfully registered, your facility will be listed, advertised and promoted as an official Changing Place. You will have an approved reputation that invites the disabled community; a place that meets the expectations and needs of visitors with disabilities.


Required Floor Space

Required Floor Space | Changing Places

A Changing Place Facility space can vary in shape, although the recommended minimum space of a Changing Place is 3m x 4m (12m2), with a ceiling height of 2.4m.

You may notice that some facilities listed as Changing Places are smaller than 12m2. This is now an old standard and reflects the Changing Places requirements back in 2016, when it was launched before the British Standard 8300:2018 came into practice.


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