Kingkraft - Proud to be "Changing Places, Changing Lives!"

Kingkraft are proud to support the Changing Places Consortium campaign which helps to meet the needs of over a quarter of a million people who cannot use standard public toilets.

Whilst for many people standard toilets are accessible, they can prove to be a difficult challenge and barrier to others. This affects thousands of families including those with children and teenagers with profound physical and learning disabilities and conditions, as well as older people and those with conditions such as motor neurone disease, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis.

Unfortunately 'disabled facilities' are not always suitable for all people with disabilities/difficulties. Standard disabled toilets do provide some adaptations; however, for those with more complex needs they do not even provide adequate equipment or space which can make using these facilities dangerous, unhygienic and undignified.

The Changing Places initiative is aimed at providing a fully accessible, safe and comfortable place for people to access toilets or to use as a changing place. These purpose-designed spaces provide more space and specialist equipment for the user/family/carer, including height adjustable changing benches and hoists.

Since the campaign launched in 2006, Kingkraft are proud to have worked with major construction companies and venue teams to provide numerous changing places across variable venue types- including airports, leisure centres and arenas. We feel it is important that everyone is supported in their right to have access to safe and comfortable facilities. We believe in making a difference to people's lives and are proud that our work and adaptations can allow ALL families to visit and enjoy venues and attractions. Giving people the confidence to attend these places, particularly children and teenagers, overcomes the barriers that have previously hindered their ability to attend, and opens up opportunity and enjoyment equally and to all.

Kingkraft can provide and install numerous adaptations to meet the needs of all. These include:

Kingkraft offer free consultations to provide specialist advice regarding the requirements needed to meet the Changing Places standards and requirements regarding disabled access toilets outlined in BS8300. This will include a computerised drafted layout drawing which demonstrates the space layout.

Please feel welcome to contact us to discuss any details regarding Changing Places information and pricing, or to arrange a consultation visit. Visit: www.changing– for more information on the scheme.

For more information speak to a member of the team on 0114 2690697 or send an email to: