What's the best Toilet Riser for you?

There's the old saying that ‘nothing is inevitable, except death and taxes’. You can probably add to that ‘going to the toilet’.


Toilets are something we all use and need everyday, however not everyone can go to the toilet and use it easily. The height of the toilet seat can be problematic for many people who are unable to get back up again independently, whilst the projection of the toilet may not be suitable for a wheelchair transfer.


Being able to go to the toilet when you want without having to call someone to help you, or worse, waiting for the carers to arrive and going at a set time not of your choosing is something most of us take for granted.


Toilet risers can give users and families that independence. The easy solution for an incorrect toilet height would be to raise the toilet or add on a raised toilet seat. This can be a quick and effective solution but as the user’s needs change or other people try to use the toilet, it can become obtrusive.


According to medical professionals, the ideal way to empty your bowels is to be sat with your knees higher than your hips; however using the toilet in this position over a prolonged period of time may not be ideal.


Accessible toilets that you find in shopping centres, airports and many public places are set at 485mm seat height and a projection of 750mm for an independent adult wheelchair user to transfer, but a smaller or taller ambulant user may need a different height. Most domestic toilets are set at approximately 445mm seat height and in our experience many of the Aquaclean wash dry toilets are set at this height, as this is what most users need. 


A toilet riser can come up to the user so they can perch on it and then lower them safely to a comfortable seated position. This can be done with a rise and recline motion like a riser recliner armchair which many people will be used to. Alternatively a vertical lift can be used, many users find the straight lift a little more reassuring as there is no tipping motion, and helps those who have weakened muscles to feel more stable.   


There are many options of risers out in the market. From add on products that go over the existing WC to risers that lift the WC.

A quick and effective solution is the Aerolet, as they can be easily added with minimal disturbance to the existing WC. Once the riser is installed the user can go to the toilet safely and independently as they wish. This product can also be used with wash dry WCs and unlike some other risers the Aerolet replaces the WC seat so the user is actually sat on the toilet. This will improve the effectiveness of the washing and drying facilities.


If space is limited, toilet lifters such as the Ropox and Pressalit Care models are ideal as they replace the WC and pan and may suit other users. Toilet lifters bring the pan up to the user in a vertical movement and can be used at whatever height is comfortable for the user. They are ideal in multiuser environments as well as being compatible with wash/dry toilets. In addition to this, as needs change a wheelchair can be used over them without having to remove or alter them, which is something that is not possible with an over the WC riser.

The Ropox Toilet Riser with support arms 


See our range of Toilet Risers and other toileting options here. 

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