Planning ahead for senior living 

Adapting our living spaces is very important as we get older, helping to keep our homes safe and comfortable to use even in later life.

Finding effective solutions to make toileting and bathing easy and pain free is often a priority, and can be an important factor in helping us to live as independently as possible as we get older.

Here we look at a few of the key considerations to make when adapting the washroom facilities of a property for senior living. 

Assisted bathing

Bathing remains an important daily activity throughout our lifetime, so continuing this practice in comfort is essential to our health and wellbeing. There are a wide range of assisted bathing facilities available, offering easy transfer to and from the tub and additional benefits such as therapeutic whirlpool fittings that aid relaxation and ease aches and pains.

Assisted showering

Showering offers a faster and more practical method of maintaining personal hygiene, but can also increase the potential for slips and falls. At Kingkraft our range of adapted shower trolleys and tables for elderly and disabled people include bespoke shower chairs and cubicles, all helping to offer an improved level of accessibility and comfort.


In later life the process of using the toilet either independently or with assistance can become more difficult, especially as a result of aches and pains or related injuries or conditions. For this, residential premises can be fitted with adapted toileting facilities that offer an increased level of stability for elderly people, whilst helping to maintain dignity and wellbeing.

Specialised ‘Toilet Risers’ are a perfect example of this, aiding sitting or standing in order for elderly people to use the toilet comfortably, and even helping to lift the toilet and user to the correct height.    


For elderly people requiring regular assistance but wishing to remain home based, a hoist installation within the bathroom can become a priceless investment. This easily operated machinery allows easier and less stressful access and safeguards against potential injury.

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