Our Guide to Choosing Disabled Baths

If you, a friend or family member have limited mobility, bathing can be a complicated process. At Kingkraft, we supply and install high-quality, functional baths for adults and children with disabilities. We understand that levels of need differ from person to person, so we aim to provide bathing solutions to suit all.

This simple guide should help you to choose the right disabled bath for your needs.


Our Multibath is highly versatile and suitable for low and high dependency users. Whilst looking like a conventional bath, with a generously sized internal shape for maximum comfort and relaxation for all users, its height is adjustable. Multibath is also available in two different lengths to suit the height of the user.

For more mobile users, at its lowest point, the recessed access points make it much easier to climb in and out of the bath. For users requiring assistance, the adjustable height and recessed access point help to prevent back pain for carers.

Multibath also comes with a range of additional options, including whirlpool functionality, rada digital variable temperature control and more.

Multibath SE

Multibath SE features the same characteristics as our Multibath, however, it also provides a powered seat.

Not only does the inclusion of a powered seat help to make for a more comfortable bathing experience, but it also helps less able users to get in and out of the bath by lifting them over the recessed side and into the bath, as well as lifting them out of the bath once they are finished bathing.

For able users, the seat can be removed.

Lifestyle bath

Our Lifestyle bath is designed with luxury in mind and is ideal suited to independent bathers who struggle to cope with getting in and out of a normal bath.

To allow for users to climb in at the lowest entry point, the Lifestyle bath features an electronic side panel that opens fully at the touch of a button. Once the bather is seated at the base of the bath, they can close the door panel just as easy as they opened it. Digital tap control then ensures that water is delivered into the bath at a comfortable temperature.

Once they have finished bathing, the user can use the fast water drainage technology to empty the bath and then release and lower the door panel.


The Easibath is a highly versatile and affordable solution for high dependency bathers. Designed with low mobility bathers in mind, the Easibath features a load-bearing drop side. This drop side can act as a showering platform, or as a changing platform to help carers dress the user after bathing.

For high dependency bathers, the Easibath can also be used in conjunction with a range of hoist systems.

Learn more about the range of additional options available for the Easibath.

Contour bath

Like the Easibath, our Contour bath features a load-bearing drop side to make it easier for independent bathers to get in and out, and to provide easier access to carers for changing and dressing the bather.

For a comfortable and relaxing experience, the Contour bath is both longer and deeper than most standard baths. For ease of use, it is also height adjustable.

Argent bath

Our Argent bath is ideal for use with mobile or ceiling track hoists for high-dependency users. This full-size bath features electronic height adjustment in order to make bathing as easy an experience as possible for the user and their carer. At its lowest point, the Argent can also be accessed as a standard bath for other family members.


If you have further questions about assisted bathing solutions, please call Kingkraft on 0114 269 0697 or contact us here. We will be happy to talk you through the features of each of our products to help you find the right fit for your needs.