How to Choose the Right Assisted Bathing Solutions for Your Care Home or Healthcare Environment

Designing a bathroom to cater for disabled adults in care homes must be done carefully. To avoid injury to the bather and to help care assistants, it is a good idea to know what you are looking for before shopping for assisted bathing solutions.

You will need comfort, convenience and practicality, but there may be other factors that you have not considered.  So, before shopping, read our recommendations to help you choose the right assisted bathing solutions for your care home or healthcare environment:

Ease and Accessibility

Limited mobility demands easy accessibility. Walk in showers for wet rooms, shower chairs and baths with a drop-side are all recommended choices. Not only will these make entering and leaving the bathroom a more comfortable process. Height adjustable baths and changers will also reduce strain on carers.


As well as being a part of your daily routine, bathing should be a therapeutic experience. But you cannot relax if you are not situated comfortably and safely. Therefore, baths of a longer length can be helpful to fully sit back and relax without feeling restricted by space.

Height adjustment and drop side features will also deliver a more comfortable experience while in the bath and while getting in and out of the tub.

Multi-Functional Designs

To cater for complex needs, multi-functional designs provide a world of benefits and offer both the bather and carer ease and comfort through a choice of features.

For example, our Hudson Wall Mounted Changing and Shower Table is paired with an electrically operated handset. This allows convenience and less strain when operating the table. Our toilets are also designed with odour extraction functions, seat sensors and adjustable wash and dry settings.

Home Feel

A care home is designed to look like a home, to provide residents with familiarity and a relaxing environment. Therefore, when shopping for assisted bathing solutions opt for discreet designs. For example, our Lifestyle Path has an ordinary appearance, but features an opening side panel, temperature control and fast water drainage.

Assisted Bathing Equipment

As well as your bath, shower and toilet, consider which equipment would be beneficial in a disabled bathroom. Changing tables, wash basins, bath cushions and hoists can provide a great deal of support for both the bather and carer.

Getting Started

Before designing a new care home bathroom with assisted bathing solutions, know where to shop. Find a supplier who can cater for your specifications and provide a professional installation service.

At Kingkraft we help to plan, manufacture, install and maintain specialist assisted bathing solutions. We have a diverse range of products to accommodate a variety of needs for both those with disability and carers. To find out more please get in touch today to see how our team can help.