Essential Tips for Keeping Your Adapted Bathroom Stylish

One of the most common fears for adapting your bathroom so that it is safer and more accessible is that after the conversion work, it will be left looking emotionless and clinical. However, this need not be the case at all – there are many great ways to ensure that your bathroom is stylish and accessible, helping make daily bathing and personal hygiene routines an easier part of your day.

Choose warm, neutral colours

When planning for your adopted bathroom, avoid colder colour schemes such as light blues and whites as they will create a cold, hospital-like aesthetic. To create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere, instead opt for warming neutral colours. Replace bright whites with softer creams and choose a palette of olive greens, off greys, beiges and reddish browns and oranges.

Opt for tiles

Tiles provide a great way to accentuate an adapted bathroom or wetroom, creating texture and breaking up the colour palette. Whilst tiles are available in many different shapes and sizes, choosing small tiles in a mixture of colours can create an eye-catching, yet calming, mosaic effect that acts as an excellent contrast to walls painted in a single, complementary colour.

Choose a spacious layout

Making the most of available space is essential for creating an accessible bathroom or wetroom. Depending on the level of mobility of the people that will be using the facilities, many considerations must be made when choosing a layout. For example, if a person uses a wheelchair, is there space underneath a wash basin for a wheelchair? Whilst space is certainly functionally important for an adapted bathroom, a spacious feel is also stylish, making using the facilities more pleasant.

Create a natural light feel

Good lighting is essential for any bathroom. Insufficient light increases the risk of potential slip or trip hazards, so it’s important to make sure that lighting is bright and consistent. However, lighting that is too bright and feels too artificial can certainly create an uncomfortable, clinical effect. Large windows and sky lights certainly bring in plenty of natural light, but LED ceiling spotlights can be a great way to ensure an overall natural feel, as opposed to a single bright light in the centre of the ceiling.

For a relaxing effect, you could choose mood lighting, including lights of different colours, contrasts, changing colour at different tempos in and around the bath or shower. All people should be able to enjoy a relaxing bathing ritual.

Choose accessories carefully

At Kingkraft, as well as designing and manufacturing products that help to make bathing safer and more accessible, we are also committed to ensuring that our products look good. From baths and washbasins to complete wetroom solutions, we work with out customers to design spaces where access, safety and style are equal.

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