Choosing a wash basin for an adapted bathroom

A wash basin is an important part of any bathroom installation, and particularly integral for those designed for use by elderly or disabled people.

Fortunately, there are a wide range of tailored basin options that can fit perfectly within an adapted bathroom, offering comfortable use, functionality and style.   

Here we look at some of the key considerations to make when choosing a wash basin for an adapted bathroom, helping you to make the perfect choice.

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One of the most important things to consider when installing a wash basin for adapted living is the height at which it is fitted. Accessibility is key, so think about how users with difficulty standing or those using a wheelchair will be able to comfortably use the basin on a day to day basis. Variable height wash basins are ideal for multi user situations and or users who’s needs may change over time. Sometimes, during the same day.


The depth of the basin and the ease with which taps and other accessories can be reached and utilised is obviously very important. Consider how far the user will be able to safely and comfortably reach from their starting position without needing to over-extend and risk injury.


Try to choose basic fittings that are high functioning and easy to use. From taps and toothbrush holders to plugs and drainage, all these simple processes must be quick and easy for the user. For example, a tap with a simple lever movement will be easier to use than one that requires turning. Infra red control can be an easy to use option and thermostatic protection (TMV2 or 3 rated taps) should also be considered if there is a risk of the user scalding themselves  or if the incoming water temperature suddenly changes.


Adapted bathroom installations help to improve usability for users living independently or with assisted living. In both instances safety is key, so assure that the area surrounding the basin is on a flat single level, with no trip hazards and with appropriate supported railing installed.  Some wash basins can offer in built support rails to assist users moving and handling.


Just because a bathroom is being adapted for use by an elderly or disabled person doesn’t mean that style is no longer a consideration. The wide range of wash basins and other applications available come in plenty of designs and colours, complimenting the interior of any washroom environment.  

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