Buying with confidence

There is always a worry when purchasing equipment; whether you are getting the right product for you? Is it value for money? Are you buying from a reputable company? And many other factors to consider. 

With over 30 years experience in the specialist bathing industry, we hope we are a company that people can trust, however with lots of choices out on the market, we feel that giving our customers that extra reassurance is necessary. That's why we are members of the BHTA (British Healthcare Trading Association). 

Many retailers / companies are members of the BHTA, specialists in what they do, which means that you can buy with confidence because they are governed by their Code of Practice. 

We are aware that all specialist equipment is expensive and is a purchase that will help change your life for the better, that's why it is important that we help you to make the best informed decision. 

We have made our website clear and easy to use by breaking down all the different products into different sections, so whether you are looking for a bath or a basin, you will find a wide choice of options to aid you in your decision. In addition to this, we offer free, no obligation demonstrations on our products, so you can try out the product before you make the big decision. We always recommend that a Health Care Professional attends with the family/organisation to ensure that the product meets the requirements of the individual(s) using the product. There would be nothing worse than spending all that money on a product and waiting for it to come and finding that it doesn't quite meet your needs. 

As a small manufacturing company, we have the advantage that a lot of our products can be made bespoke, this is great if you can not find exactly what you are after. The Easibath is made from Polypropylene plastic, which is very versatile plastic, meaning it can be moulded and changed into various shapes. The Easibath is an ideal bath if you have limited in space in your bathroom, but still require the internal space to bathe in. 

As a lot of our products are very large, and we have been fortunate enough to do some demonstrations in some weird and wonderful places, we always try to accommodate as best we can to ensure our customers get to see the product before they buy. However if you are unable to find somewhere suitable for demonstration or you want to see a larger range of products, we have a showroom up in our Sheffield Office. This is a good idea if you are wanting to compare and contrast between the different products that we offer. 

If you want to arrange a free demonstration/site visit then please contact 0114 2690697 or email to find out who your sales representative is for your area. 

Following on from a demonstration, a quote will be prepared by our sales team, along with a 3D layout/plan design (if applicable) The quote will clearly lay out what was discussed on site with itemised prices, the quote is sent to whoever has requested it for their approval. We always try to give a provisional delivery time from point of order so you know how long you will be waiting till your product arrives. Any amendments to the quote can be made at the quoting stage with no fuss, so don't worry if you change your mind following the site visit. 

A question we often get asked is, 'do I pay VAT?' VAT is a very complicated topic and we always recommend that you check with the HMRC to make sure you are getting the right information. The products we manufacture and supply are specially designed to aid disabled people in their day to day life. If you are the person buying the equipment (or a person on your behalf. i.e spouse, sibling) then you would not pay VAT. 

Once your quote has been approved, your product will then be either purchased from one of our suppliers, such as Pressalit and Ropox who we have had a great relationship with them for many years. Alternatively, you may be buying a manufactured item that is made here in our Sheffield factory, we are proud to manufacture using Sheffield steel and try to use local produce where possible. 

The Kingkraft Bather range is produced using Sheffield Steel, and again because we manufacture using local suppliers we can make bespoke items to suit your needs. 

We hope that buying from Kingkraft you know that you are buying from a company that cares about quality, customer service and ensuring that you choose the right product when it comes to adapting your home. 

Still confused what bath to buy? Have a quick flick through our guide for advice and tips!