Assist Basin Range - Expertly Designed To Help You!

Further to the recent launch of our new Assist Range of Washbasins, our Director of Sales & Business Growth, Nead Dadswell, talks about the products and how they are expertly designed to help you!



“I’m delighted to launch our brand new Assist & Glide Basin Ranges to all of our customers and dealers.

Having worked within the disability equipment and home adaptation arenas for quite some time now, I’ve got to know first-hand how important it is for individuals with physical disabilities to have access to suitable hand washing facilities.

At Kingkraft, we believe that specialist equipment like this is more than just assisting individuals with a task; it is about providing the facilities they need to promote their independence and help them to be accountable for their own hygiene and well-being where possible. It is about promoting privacy and dignity, and promoting autonomy.

Kingkraft’s new and enhanced range of Assist & Glide Basins have been expertly designed to offer washing solutions to meet the varied and unique needs of all individuals. Our basins are versatile with adjustable features that can adapt for safe positioning and moving and handling to support physical function, skills and coordination of the user. For example, the height-adjustable feature can be used as part of a rehabilitation program or graded activity; aiding the user to ‘relearn’ or ‘regain’ skills that have been impaired as a result of injury, disability or illness.

When developing our new collection of basins, we believed it was important to take time to consider design and style. We understand that some of our clients don’t want to be limited to using specialist equipment that looks typical of a hospital or care setting; some feel it is a reminder of their disability. With this in mind, we’ve produced a range of wash basins which compliment a modern bathroom or care setting. For some of our products there are optional features to allow you to customise the look and feel of the basin so that it best suits individual style and needs, as well as decor.

Kingkraft care about people, and we are passionate about supporting bespoke projects to find the best solution for each user; helping to design ideal room layouts which meet regulations, whilst working best for the individuals concerned. Our team will work with Architects, contractors and health professionals to ensure high standards are met every time.”


Neal Dadswell
Director of Sales & Business Growth


If you require more information about our Assist range of basins and how we could help you integrate them into your project, please get in touch with us by emailing: Alternately, speak with to a member of the team on 0114 269 0697.