Kingkraft appoints new Managing Director

For almost 20 years, Nigel Harrison has been the Managing Director of Kingkraft but has decided that now is the time to pass this position down to his son, Thomas.

Kingkraft was established in May 1984 but Nigel and Ruth Harrison purchased the company in 1996 and built up a small but successful family business. Nigel has taken a step back from the day to day running of the business, which Thomas will nowoversee, but will still take an enthusiastic approach in Kingkraft’s development.

Nigel said: “I am pleased that the continuous investment in people and facilities over the last few years has maintained the company in a strong position today. I look forward to Tom and my daughter, Rosie, continuing to pursue a policy of quality and innovation. Thomas has been working as Business Development Manager for Kingkraft for four years and spent his summers growing up doing work experience in the factory.
Before Kingkraft, Thomas began his career as a chartered surveyor for a national firm of surveyors which gave him a strong business grounding. He then went on to study product design at Manchester Metropolitan University"

Thomas said: “Having seen the company grow over the years it is exciting to take the helm with Rosie and develop the company further using my knowledge in both business and design.

“We have an ambitious research and development programme with investment in new technology and manufacturing. This will allow us to reach new customers in what is undoubtedly a tough market. Luckily we have a great team at Kingkraft and we look forward to expanding the team further.”