The Kingkraft Bather Collection
The Kingkraft Bather Collection
The Kingkraft Bather Collection
The Kingkraft Bather Collection

The Kingkraft Bather Collection

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The Bather collection has been specifically designed to offer additional support to the bather and carers. The removable washable covers are ideal for continual and multiple use and additional accessories such as position wedges and headrest allow extra comfort and support. There is a range of four bathers to choose from to ensure you find the perfect fit and solution for most bathing needs.

The range are intended to be used in Domestic properties and Nurseries by Occupational Therapists, Parents, Carers and General public.

Komfort Bather 

The Komfort Bather is designed to raise the bather to a higher horizontal position within the bath to aid in washing. The Komfort Bather is compatible with Kingkraft Multibath and Argent and some standard baths. 

Product Barcode: Komfort Bather 5060481740159

Kozy Bather

The Kozy Bather, like the Komfort offers additional support to aid in washing. With a shorter bath, the Kozy sits in a lower position to allow Changing Tops to sit on top of the bath, meaning that the Bather does not need to be removed. The Kozy works with the Kingkraft Multibath and most standard baths. (please note, if your bath has a built in reclined backrest then the Kozy may not work).

Product Barcode: Kozy Bather 5060481740166

Relaxa Bather

The Relaxa Bather offers support and aid for bather and carer, but allows the bather to be in a 'lay down' position. The Relaxa will work with the Kingkraft Multibath and Argent and most standard baths.

Product Barcode: Relaxa Bather 5060481740180

Slimline Bather

The Slimline offers the same features as the others Komfort Bather but is slimmer, therefore can fit in majority of standard baths.

See the documents tab for full measurements.

Product Barcode: Slimline bather 5060481740173 


Removable Headrest (not available on Kozy or Relaxa Bather)

Lap strap (please note, this is bolted on and to remove it will need unbolting with a spanner)

Position Wedges (set of two)

Additional mesh covers can be purchased