Kare 40(S) Mobile Shower Changer
Kare 40(S) Mobile Shower Changer
Kare 40(S) Mobile Shower Changer
Kare 40(S) Mobile Shower Changer
Kare 40(S) Mobile Shower Changer
Kare 40(S) Mobile Shower Changer
Kare 40(S) Mobile Shower Changer
Kare 40(S) Mobile Shower Changer
Kare 40(S) Mobile Shower Changer

Kare 40(S) Mobile Shower Changer

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This versatile unit is ideal for both showering and changing. Its raise/lower function makes low-level transfer safe and easy, while also helping carers to avoid back strain. The unit can open at both sides to provide a wide changing area, and comes in standard and customised sizes.

Product Barcodes:

MSC Bespoke 5060481740111

MSC Large 5060481749992

MSC Medium 5060481740104


  • Battery powered raise/lower function for ease of use
  • Fully cushioned for maximum comfort
  • Twin opening sides provide larger changing area
  • Drain hose with storage clip
  • Grab handles to each end
  • Lockable castors
  • Chrome locking handles
    • Available in two standard sizes, or customised to suit the user
    • Range of removable supports available

    *Due to the process of continuous development we reserve the right to alter specification without notice




    Nick Richards, a volunteer at Woodlarks, said: “We chose both Kingkraft and Pressalit for the quality of the equipment. It is robust, reliable and very good value for money. It is always of the highest standards and having purchased my first item from both companies 14 years ago, I am still very happy to be working with them.”


    Features & Benefits

    Height Adjustable

    Our Kare 30 & 40 models include powered height adjustable functionality. The platform can be moved up or down, ensuring that the height is perfectly adjusted to enable the user to sit on, or be transferred on, via the use of a ceiling track hoist. The models are designed to promote safe manual handling practice.

    Quality & Durability

    Kingkraft Changing Tables are assembled with high quality and resilient components. Design has been expertly engineered to be solid and robust. Furthermore, our Kare 40(s) is made from UV resistant and anti-bacterial polypropylene, The result is a highly durable, versatile, and hygienic Changing solution.

    Modern Design

    The Kare range has been cleverly designed to look modern, without the typical look of disability equipment or a changer. With a stylish and contemporary appearance, the Kare range would compliment any modern setting, including a private home bathroom.

    Adjustable Side Rails

    Our range of portable Kare Changing Tables include adjustable side rails and/or fold down sides, providing a more secure and comfortable Changing experience. Side rails help to promote safe transfer on and off the Changer for a wide range of users.

    Cushioned for Maximum Comfort

    The Kare 30 & 40 are provided with cushioning as standard to create a comfortable Changing experience. We also offer a range of additional cushion support packs to offer extra postural support and maximise comfort for the user.

    Works with Ceiling Track Hoist

    The Kare range of Changing Tables are designed to be compatible for use with Ceiling Track Hoists. The range is perfect to promote safe manual handling practice, supporting safe transfer of the user onto the product.

    Lockable Durable Casters

    Our Kare range of mobile Changing Tables are built with accessibility in mind. The range all feature lockable casters to enable easy and secure positioning. Furthermore, our casters are durable and resilient, and ideal for busy, wet environments.

    Easy To Clean

    Kingkraft understand that hygiene is a priority when it comes to Changing. All our Changers are easy to clean and maintain. Using regular non-abrasive cleaning products, our Changers can be wipe cleaned quickly, helping to promote good hygiene practices.

    Servicing & Warranty Cover

    As we are confident in the quality and durability of our products, we offer a 2 Year Guarantee as standard on all our Changers. However, we understand the importance of longevity and peace of mind, therefore we also offer our Gold, Silver & Bronze Warranty & Service Packages.