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Understanding The Purple Pound

What are the Benefits of Adding a Changing Place Facility to your Venue?

Did you know that most standard disabled toilets are not big enough to accomodate most powered wheelchairs? Or that most standard disabled toilets are not big enough to accomodate the disabled user, as well as their carer/carers if they need assistance? Did you know that without specialist lifting and changing equipment, some carers and families have no choice but to use the dirty toilet floor to change their loved one?

…..The chances are that if your venue doesn’t have a Changing Places facility, then these may well be the issues being experienced by your disabled visitors. And ask yourself… if you were them… would you return?

Learn about the 6 key benefits of adding a changing place facility to your venue below:

Appear on the CP Map Venue Listing

Each year in the UK £12.4 billion is spent on trips where at least one person has a disability.

Families and carers within the disabled community are much more likely to plan a visit to a venue or public attraction which appears on the Changing Places Toilet Map.

In order to get your Changing Place facility on the map, it must meet official Changing Place specifications. Kingkraft can help you to ensure your venue is fully equipped and registered.

Appeal to Families

More than 1 in 5 UK consumers have a disability.

We know that the disabled community are much more likely to visit a venue which has a Changing Place facility.

Venues with a Changing Place welcome families from the disabled community to enjoy a visit without restrictions and barriers, allowing the whole family to enjoy their time and spend longer at the venue.

Earn A Good Reputation

A venue which provides a Changing Place facility provides equal accessibility for all.

Being able to promote that your venue has a Changing Place will help earn a respected reputation as an organisation that cares. Once on the map, your Changing Place facility will encourage more to visit from the disabled community, driven by recommendations as being a disability friendly venue.

Increase Visitor Numbers

We know that 75% of disabled people and their families have walked away from venues because of poor disability access. The vast majority will only choose to visit those venues with a Changing Place facility.

Changing Place facilities overcome the barriers which would otherwise deter disabled visitors. A respected reputation as a venue which makes accessibility equal for all will encourage visits from the disabled community; increasing visitor footfall by inviting those whom previously would not visit at all.

Increase Revenue

We know that UK businesses lose approximately £2 billion a month by ignoring the needs of disabled people. Changing Places facilities provide the key to unlocking a new customer base; and the potential revenue that can be achieved by making your venue disability friendly.

Disabled people account for 20% of the customer base of the average UK business; with a spending power estimated to be worth £249 billion per year (known as the 'Purple Pound'. By providing specialist toileting and changing facilities, you can widen your visitor market... and in turn increase your revenue.

Disabled Friendly

We know that there are approximately 13.3 million disabled people in the UK, and this number continues to increase.

People with profound and multiple learning disabilities, as well people with other physical disabilities such as spinal injuries, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis often need specialist equipment and space to allow them to use toileting and changing facilities safely and comfortably. These needs are met by Changing Places toilets.

Installing a Changing Place will put your venue on the map as a reputable disability friendly venue.

Organisations we have helped to complete a successful Changing Places Project...


Changing Places at Center Parcs

Kingkraft have installed Changing Place facilities at Center Parcs Holiday Villages across the UK.

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