Contour bath
Contour bath
Contour bath
Contour bath

Contour bath

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This bath is longer and deeper than standard ones, making bathing a more relaxing experience. It is ideal for assisted bathing, with a drop-side that makes it easy for mobile users to get in and out, and provides better access to carers for changing and dressing the user. Access to the bath is also available via ceiling/wall mounted and mobile hoist systems.

The bath is also height-adjustable, reducing the risk of back strain for carers.

Product Bar Code: Contour 2000 5060481740050

  • Longer, deeper bath
  • Load-bearing drop-side for easy access
  • Height adjustable
  • Base and side support cushion
  • Choice of back or head rest with cushion
  • Bath fill anti-scald TMV3 thermostatic mixer tap
  • The Contour is available in 2000mm approx long only
  • Chrome locking handles
  • Whirlpool
  • Chrome crook shower unit
  • Music system
  • Lights
  • Cushions and supports
  • Rada digital variable temperature control unit
  • Twin waste for faster drainage
  • Customised supports
  • Grab handles

*Due to the process of continuous development we reserve the right to alter specification without notice

Contour Bath Key Features & Benefits

Height Adjustable

The Contour includes electrically powered height- adjustable functionality. The bath tub can be moved up or down, ensuring that the height is perfectly adjusted to enable the user to step in, or be transferred in, via the use of a ceiling track hoist. The bath is designed to promote safe manual handling practice.

Fold Down Side

The Contour bath feature fold-down side. This makes it easy for mobile users to get in and out, promoting user independence where possible; whilst providing better access for carers when assisting the user.

Quality & Durability

Kingkraft Baths are assembled with high quality and resilient components. Design has been expertly engineered to be solid and robust. Furthermore our Multibath, Multibath SE, Contour and Lifestyle tubs are made from GRP; an extremely durable, versatile, hygienic bathing solution.

Bathing Support Ready

The Contour is compatible with selected Kingkraft and 3rd party bath inserts. Inserts provide a simple, effective solution providing users essential postural support whilst bathing. We also offer a range of cushion support packs to further increase comfort for the user.

Sensory LED Lighting & Music

The Contour can be supplied with upgraded LED Sensory Lighting and an internal Bluetooth Music System; controllable to suit the personal preference of each user. These features take the bathing experience to a whole new level, adding a sensory dynamic which promotes a relaxing and calming experience.

Whirlpool Options

The Contour experience can be further enhanced with the option to upgrade to include a built-in Whirlpool functionality, adding a further tactile sensory dynamic for the user to enjoy.
The multi-sensory bathing experience promotes relaxing stimulation of the muscles, and a calming experience for the bather.

Taps & Anti-scald

Kingkraft understand that safety is a priority when it comes to bathing. All our bath taps meet TMV3 and Anti Scald Requirements. Our baths all come supplied as standard with RADA anti-scald TMV3 thermostatic mixer taps- promoting safety of users and carers.

Servicing & Warranty Cover

As we are confident in the quality and durability of our products, we offer a 2 Year Guarantee as standard on all our baths. However, we understand the importance of longevity and peace of mind, therefore we also offer our Gold, Silver & Bronze Warranty & Service Packages.