Somna Chain Comforter

Somna Chain Comforter

The Somna Comforter™ is a daytime product with the same positive properties as the Somna Chain Weighted Blanket™, with its two-in-one function: one chain side and one padded side. Having the padded side against the body gives the user a deep, pleasant pressure, while having the chain side against the body provides greater tactile stimulation. Which side is against the body is down to personal choice. The chains in the Comforter follow the body’s contours and give the user a pleasant feeling of being embraced, which helps increase body awareness. The effect is that you can more easily relax and wind down. The Somna Comforter™ is easy to handle and is ideal to have on your lap or to wrap around yourself on the sofa or in a wheelchair, for example. The fabric is durable and comes in a practical dark grey colour, which means it can be used without a cover. Just like Somna’s other products, the Somna Comforter™ promotes body awareness, which has a calming effect on the senses and is good for concentration.

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4kg approx: 125 x 70cm

5kg approx: 205 x 70cm

7kg approx: 205 x 70cm