Pressalit Nursing Bench

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Safe and comfortable, this nursing bench goes low enough for transfer from, for example, a wheelchair, while also enabling the carer to place it at a suitable position for them, thus avoiding back strain.

Electrically powered, the height can be adjusted by up to 700mm by remote control. The bench can be folded away when not in use to maximise floor space.

The bench is available in 1300 or 1800 mm length.

Standard features

    • No cold surface, polyurethane foam covered
    • Shape makes bench comfortable and safe
    • Integrated water collection tray
    • Spring assisted fold action of bench
    • Manually adjustable backrest at both ends of bench
    • Side rail easy to fold down and raise up

Nick Richards, a volunteer at Woodlarks, said: “We chose both Kingkraft and Pressalit for the quality of the equipment. It is robust, reliable and very good value for money. It is always of the highest standards and having purchased my first item from both companies 14 years ago, I am still very happy to be working with them"

Pressalit Nursing Bench