Kare 10 Leit Shower Changer

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The Leit Shower Changer is a folding lightweight changer and shower table which retro-fits many standard 1700mm baths (NB some baths may not be suitable, we can provide advice here).

The Kare 10 is lightweight and easy to use. It is portable not only within the home, but is also ideal for travel use (a convenient carrying bag is available as an option).

When used in the home, the shower changer can be folded and stored away when not required, allowing the bath to be used by other family members. Side rails are an optional extra if required.

    • Fits many 'standard baths' from 1700mm long
    • Standard colour gun metal grey with contrast colours for fitting and white vinyl
    • Full instruction manual provided with unit
      • One or two side rails
      • Side rail cushions
      • Convenient travel and storage bag
      Measurements Large:  Internal length: 1632mm External length: 1687mm Internal width: 590mm External width: 630mm Measurements Small: Internal length: 1375mm External length: 1430mm Internal width: 535mm External width: 585mm Weight load: 120kg
      Kare 10 Leit Shower Changer
      Kare 10 Leit Shower Changer
      Kare 10 Leit Shower Changer
      Kare 10 Leit Shower Changer