Wet Room essentials for improving disabled living

When adapting a living space for a disabled person, making sure that bathing and toileting facilities are safe and accessible is essential. For this reason, many choose to install a wet room.

A wet room is an open plan bathroom with no partitioning or raised areas and a central drainage point. Commonly used to offer greater accessibility for disabled people, a wet room format has many key benefits, providing a one-level environment that allows comfortable bathing and toileting whilst creating space for assisted use and essential equipment. 

Wet rooms can also give the bathroom a modern, clear and luxurious feel that can easily be used and enjoyed by all the family. If you are interested in creating a wet room for use by a disabled person, here we look at some essential bathroom installations that will help to create the perfect adapted environment.  

Baths, Cushions and Supports

Accessible and functional bathing facilities offer great benefits to disabled people, with significant therapeutic qualities. There are a range of easy-access tub designs suitable for use in wet rooms, with additional water-proof cushions and supports solutions available to increase comfort and stability.

Showers and Shower Chairs

Showering facilities are often a preferred option for disabled users and those who require assistance, as they offer easy access. This is particularly suited to a wet room, where there are no concerns with drainage and adapted shower chairs can be easily installed and altered according to use.

Toilets and Wash Basins

Essential applications for any wet room, toilets and wash basins can be specially modified to meet the needs of the user, even in terms of the height and placement chosen during installation. Adapted toilet units and Toilet Risers play a key role in promoting independence and increasing ease of use. 

Longer projection WC’s can also be used to aid wheel chair transfer and basins with larger projections can give more support to wheelchair users who wish to get closer to the basin.


For disabled people who need to be lifted or supported in order to bathe or use the toilet, wet rooms allow the space to safely install specialist hoisting applications. The hoist systems and slings offer a practical solution that can be securely mounted to any wall or ceiling.

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