Shower or Bath: Which Should You Choose for Your Accessible Bathroom?

Upgrading your home with an accessible bathroom involves a lot of planning. You want to ensure your newly refurbished accessible bathroom provides comfort and convenience for those who need it. Therefore, when you only have room for either an accessible shower or bath, here is what to consider:

Accessible Baths

Bathing is a therapeutic experience for most people, as it provides a calming sanctuary to relax the muscles and mind. You should not have to sacrifice comfort while bathing, which is why we supply a wide range of accessible baths.

Our accessible baths cater to a range of needs and can be accessorised with bath hoists, lifts and supportive seats.

Benefits of Accessible Baths

  • Whirlpools can be added for further therapeutic benefits.
  • Able to ease aches, pains and improve circulation.
  • Calming effect before bedtime to help those with insomnia.
  • Available with drop side panels for easier access.
  • Height adjustable to support bathers and carers.
  • Seats and cushions for the bather’s comfort and support.

Accessible Showers

If you are looking for a time efficient, easily accessible option, you may benefit most from an accessible shower. With ease of use, a shower can promote independence when paired with a Wheelable Shower Chair or Pressalit Shower Seat.

Benefits of Accessible Showers

  • Can be built into home wet rooms for full accessibility.
  • Most time efficient option.
  • Safer transfers for bathers.
  • Lower risk of back strain for carers.

Bespoke Wet Rooms

Installing an accessible bathroom that works for you can be a huge job in your home. With so much to consider and so many choices available to you, we are here to help.

With flexibility and a range of level access solutions, our Bespoke Wet Room services are ideal. Our team of professionals work alongside you to accommodate your home specifications. We will assist with design, installation, supply and maintenance to create your perfect wet room.

With years of experience, our team can advise you on the best solutions for your individual needs. Thereby allowing you to feel confident in your new design and providing guidance on how to make it work.

Enquiring for an Accessible Bathroom

At Kingkraft we have over 30 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing equipment for accessible bathrooms. We aim to create bathroom facilities which support the independence of people with different levels of mobility. This allows us to offer a wide range of products, to cater for a variety of needs and your home.

To make an enquiry on an accessible bathroom, please complete our contact form or browse our website.