Kingkraft launch Virtual Consultation Service to support Product Assessments and Demonstrations

Kingkraft Virtual Video Consultation | Product Assessments and Demonstrations | Height Adjustable baths, basins and chaning tables

Kingkraft are excited to be launching their brand new ‘Virtual Consultation Service’. Keeping customers at the centre of what they do, the Kingkraft team recognised the importance of ensuring that they are able to keep providing vital help and advice to those who need it, despite facing the unprecedented challenges of the current pandemic.

Kingkraft, Sheffield-based manufacturing company, have a proud heritage and have been at the forefront of manufacturing and installing specialist bathing and changing products for over 35 years. Their established range of products include the innovative and popular Multibath and Multibath SE bath, which provide an essential and safe bathing environment for disabled users, whilst promoting safe manual handling processes for carers and families. Kingkraft’s products provide unique features such as removable and/or integrated changing platforms, powered seating, height-adjustable settings and a range of comfortable bathing supports-all designed to enhance the safety and comfort of the bathing experience. The bathing experience can even be optimized with additions such as Lights, Whirlpool and Music.

Specialist bathing and changing facilities are an essential part of daily life for many people, and the Kingkraft team recognise the importance of a continued service. As a result of the COVID19 pandemic, many vulnerable people are still currently isolating and minimizing contact with others to reduce risk of infection. Furthermore, as society eases back into the “new normal”, The ‘Virtual Consultation Service’ comes at a perfect time to continue to supply all the crucial elements to those who need it, through the safety of social distancing. The new online ‘Virtual Consultation Service’ will allow the team to provide ‘face to face’ expert help and minimize the need for home visits.

Kingkraft are providing their new online video-conference service free of charge, enabling Occupational Therapists, Facilities Managers, Case Managers and members of the public to book a virtual consultation appointment. Experts will be on-hand and happy to help, providing product information and practical advice on the whole range of Height Adjustable Baths, Basins, Changing Tables and Bathing Supports. If wishing to discuss a bathroom adaption project, the two-way video conference will even enable the client to do a ‘walk through’ of the intended project area and share specifications and desires, enabling an effective consultation tailored to you.

Virtual Consultation Service By Kingkraft | Online face-to-face product assessments and demonstration | Height Adjustable Baths, Basins and Changing Tables

Arranging a Virtual Consultation with Kingkraft is quick and easy to do…
Simply navigate to and fill out the online form. You will be asked to state your preferred date and time for the consultation, a brief summary of which product or matter you wish to discuss, and your preferred video conference app (including Microsoft Teams, Zoom and WhatsApp video).

If you wish to order any products following your consultation, Kingkraft are equipped to facilitate a safe and efficient delivery. All Kingkraft’s specialist installers are equipped with appropriate PPE, will maintain a safe social distance at all times, and will adhere to strict guidelines in relation to hygiene and infection control; allowing the team to safely continue serving the public and community with their range of essential products.

Neal Dadswell, Kingkraft Head of UK & International Sales:

“Our team have been very busy, working hard to make changes to adapt to the current climate in order to best meet the needs of our customers. I am delighted to launch our new Virtual Consultation Service. We are already finding success using this platform and I envisage this will be the way of the future and become our “new normal”. It will lead to increased efficiencies and will ultimately lead to cost savings for all concerned. Home visits are still being scheduled, adhering to government safety guidance, however, where possible the virtual service will be our first port of call. This service will allow us to be more time-flexible and readily on-hand to help. A customer-enhanced, Occupational Therapist friendly and flexible approach. The future is virtual.”