Case Study: Effectiveness of Somna Chain Weighted Blanket in psychiatric care

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Between 2011 and 2014, a study was carried out on a sensory stimulation relaxation room at a 24/7 psychiatric care facility. The study, which goes under the Swedish name “Lugna rummet” (The Quiet Room) examined the effects of a relaxation room where there were a number of sensory aids. The room was usually set up inside the wards and equipped with a relaxing armchair, photo wallpaper with a forest motif, a light dimmer, relaxing music, nature sounds, a beanbag, a Chain Weighted Blanket and scent cards. In this way, there were stimuli for sight, sound, touch and smell. The participants were free to choose whether and how long they visited the sensory room and the sensory stimuli they used.
A total of ten wards in various clinics within Stockholm County Council took part in the study. The participants represented a number of different diagnosis and suffered from e.g. anxiety, stress and obsessive compulsive disorder. The participants had to estimate their well-being before and after the visit to the quiet room. 84 percent felt an increased sense of well-being after their visit.
One of the sensory aids that the participants used most in the quiet room was an 8 kilo Chain Weighted Blanket. The Chain Weighted Blanket consists of chains sewn into the blanket, in longitudinal channels, to give an even weight over the body. The blanket has a chain side and a wadding side. With the chains against the body, the patient experiences greater tactile stimulation. After the blanket has been used for a while, the body starts to produce oxytocin. In addition, there is an increased awareness and sense of the body’s boundaries. Knowing where the body begins and ends offers clarity and a framework that many miss when worry and anxiety take over.
Somna weighted blanket and carry case
Awareness of the body’s boundaries combined with oxytocin often had an anxiolytic effect on the participants. The weight and irregular pressure of the chains against the body were perceived by many patients as pleasant and soothing. Many described a sense of security and of being embraced. The Chain Weighted Blanket also made it easier to fall asleep and sleep well. One patient said “I loved the Chain Weighted Blanket. It really helped.” Another said, “I love the Chain Weighted Blanket. It helped me to sleep peacefully. Thanks!”
Somna weighted blanket close up
The Chain Weighted Blanket was also useful beyond the quiet room in handling emergency situations in the clinics and preventing coercive measures.
The Chain Weighted Blanket is a cognitive tool, which is a valuable non-pharmacological treatment method. The study concluded that it is important for patients who experienced a positive effect from the Chain Weighted Blanket to get a blanket prescribed for use at home.

 Björkdahl, A. (2015). Projekt Lugna rummet 2011–2014, Slutrapport. (Centrum för psykiatriforskning, Stockholms läns sjukvårdsområde, Stockholm).


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