Changing Places Case Study: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Background to Changing Places Project

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is all about providing a wonderful place for visitors to explore and enjoy learning about the natural world, and inspiring generations to support and protect the world around them. The Park attracts and welcomes thousands of visitors from all places, of all ages...but it has long required some extra input to improve its accessibility and promote its welcome to the disabled community as well. The Park wanted to invest in a project which would break down the barriers that disabled visitors might face, and become a public attraction that is all-inclusive to everyone; hence the exciting idea to install a brand-new Changing Places facility within the family attraction.

Kingkraft Changing Places Toilet Facility Yorkshire Wildlife Park

What was the strategic driver for the work?

Yorkshire Wildlife Park learnt about the number of successful Changing Places that Kingkraft had already helped to install across England, and of the vast benefits that the facilities achieved for customers and businesses as a result. More than 1 in 5 UK consumers have a disability, with 75% of those deciding against visits to venues which have poor disability access. It was unfortunate to learn that Yorkshire Wildlife Park may well have been one of those venues. The Park wanted to welcome families from the disabled community to enjoy a visit without restrictions and barriers, allowing the whole family to enjoy their time and spend longer at the Park. As many venues recognise, the Park knew that a Changing Places facility could help the venue to meet the needs of disabled visitors by providing specialist facilities for safe and comfortable toileting and changing; opening up accessibility to the wonders of the Park for all.

Kingkraft Changing Places Toilet Facility Yorkshire Wildlife Park

What did you do to make the site more accessible?

Yorkshire Wildlife Park wanted to become a venue that provides equal accessibility to all visitors and earn a respected reputation as a venue that cares. The Park wanted to put a stamp on the Changing Places Map and become a disability-friendly venue; attracting visitors from the disabled community who would once potentially avoid a visit altogether.
With the help of the Kingkraft team, the venue successfully installed a superb Changing Places facility which provides specialist changing and toileting facilities that promote dignity, privacy and comfort for disabled visitors. The facility includes equipment such as a ceiling-track hoist, a height-adjustable changing table, a height-adjustable wash basin and a peninsular toilet.
By installing a Changing Places facility which fully adheres to all official Changing Place specifications, the Park now features on the Changing Places Venue Listing Map, and is much more likely to be visited and enjoyed by the disabled community.

The Changing Place facility has unlocked a new customer base for the Park, as well as the potential revenue that can be achieved from making a venue disability friendly.

Kingkraft height adjustable basin changing places project

What were the challenges to making the site accessible and how were they overcome?

The main challenge for the Park’s Changing Place installation was deciding the best location for it to be based within the Park. It was essential to ensure that the location was right, considering the large expanse of the Park spread out across a wide area.The Park needed to ensure that the Changing Place facility was in the best location to make the most effective impact for disabled visitors. The central courtyard was decided as the best location, positioning the facility near to the Park’s restaurant and main Park attraction areas.

What was the impact on customers or employees?

The Changing Place facility is a recent addition to the park and was installed during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown restrictions. Hence, the Park employees were very excited to open their gates to the public once again, with the added benefit of appealing to an even wider customer base as a disability friendly public attraction. The Park looks forward to providing a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience inclusive to all disabled visitors.

What are the stand-out points about this installation?

After the long-awaited reopening of the Park arrived, the team were so excited to launch as an even bigger, wilder and better Park than ever before. The installation of the Changing Place facility was a particularly positive achievement to come out the other side of lockdown with. The Park has now proudly landed its pin on the Changing Places Venue Listing Map; and what’s more- the Park are so pleased with the installation and its benefits for visitors, that a second Changing Places facility is being planned for the new entertainment show area that is currently being built!

Kingkraft Changing Places Facility

Feedback from the Park…

“The Kingkraft team were exactly what our project needed- organised, dependable, professional and great at what they do. They were very easy to work with and communicated effectively throughout the process, ensuring that all deliveries and installation work were completed on time. We were delighted with the installation, and would definitely recommend Kingkraft to other venues considering a Changing Places facility.”


Mark Harrison (Facilities Manager, Yorkshire Wildlife Park).


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