Introducing the new toilet risers

Kingkraft are pleased to announce two new toilet risers into the UK market and our portfolio of assisted bathing products.

The EasiRiser is designed to fit over most types of WC and assists the service user with lowering and lifting off the toilet. The EasiRiser is also compatible with specialist wash/dry toilets but care needs to be taken to check that the automatic operation of the WC is not affected by the proximity of the Riser.

To avoid the user from slipping/sliding off when in use, the seat remains horizontal throughout the complete cycle.

It's incredibly easy to use with push button controls on both support arms. An automatic cut-out stops the user from colliding with the toilet when lowering and can be adjusted if used on numerous WCs.

Kingkraft's Dale Spademan, Sales and Marketing Manager, said: "This product is designed to help people with mobility issues get off and on the toilet with independence and dignity. We believe this product will be of  most use to adult and elderly users."

The Smart Home Riser is an all-in-one unit which replaces the existing WC altogether. Any wall mounted toilet* can be used and is built into the unit, moving up and down to accommodate the user.

This item is great for small bathrooms as it is flush to the wall and only protrudes 880mm.

The modern system is easy to use with an ergonomically designed remote control handset which can be fitted on either arm rest to suit the service user.

*The Geberit Aquaclean is compatible with this item.

For any more information or to request a demonstration of the EasiRiser or Smart Home Riser please contact the office on 0114 269 0697 or email