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The PantoMove-Lupo chair is fitted with a comfortable air-cushion shell of textured, non-slip polypropylene. Ideal for a school environment, the chair offers a high degree of comfort which is particularly important during the long school day. It is a very robust chair and scratch resistant which is not easily marked under the hardest conditions.

It has received the highest praise in schools due to their positive ergonomic characteristics but also because of their sitting comfort.

A chair like the PantoMove-Lupo offers dynamic sitting with movement. This way, natural and impulsive movements are not restrained and therefore intergated into daily school life. The chair adapts itself to the user and not viceversa; the PantoMove-Lupo optimally adapts to the natural need to sit and move. It is continuously height-adjustable and thus can be adjusted exactly to suit the height of the user.

Overall, the PantoMove follows every movement of the body and does not block it but animates a regular change of sitting posture instead.

Available in a variety of colours.

*picture shown with castors-available without, please specify on ordering*


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